Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hostel Review: Hostal Iskay

This one was an easy choice. I wanted to have a nice comfy room to myself for a night in Ollantaytambo. Hostel Iskay was the top recommended hostel in Tripadvisor. I booked a double room via for $47.

They replied to my emails promptly. I emailed them quite a lot because I also booked my car & guide and the Machu Picchu ticket.

A pick-up from Cuzco airport costs $80 for the first 4 hours which includes a tour of the Pisac Ruins and PisacMarket. There is an additional charge of $10 per hour in excess (although they don’t implement this strictly). Still pricey, but I decided to go through with it as I wanted a safe and trusted driver and I didn’t want to haggle with drivers when I landed in the cold town of Cuzco.

I really liked it that the hostel has a water refilling tank. You can reuse your water bottles, and avoid buying bottled water. The bottles become the trash of this quaint little town. Social responsibility, in a water tank. Cool.

Lobby with the water refilling tank
The bed was cushy and comfy. I was alone but I felt like I filled up the entire bed already. It can be a squeeze for two largely-built individuals.

Excuse the mess

The hot water comes, not quickly, but It comes. You'll be glad the water becomes really hot, and not just warm. It is impossible to shower will cold water in this valley.


I liked it that I didn’t have to pay any downpayment when I requested them to buy the MP ticket online. I emailed them a copy of my passport and my preferred date and time. Total amount of ticket plus service fee is 158 soles. I tried to book the MP tix online but they only accept Visa cards. 
The streets of Ollantaytambo
The hostel just disappointed me in one very important basic need: Wifi. There was Wifi failure on the one night that I stayed there. It was working fine for two hour until it died. I retired along with it and slept. Wifi is a basic need for a tired introvert solo traveler who does not want to talk to people. 

I had breakfast early, at 8:00AM. I was the only person at breakfast. I understood. It was cold and I’d much rather stay cozy up in my room but my tour was scheduled to start at 8:30AM. So I need fuel for my body.

Cold fuel. The coffee, albeit being hot at first, easly became lukewarm in just 5 minutes.

I really appreciated that this hostel served eggs!

Overall, my stay in Hostal Iskay was pleasant. Wifi was an inconvenience but I didn't die without it. 


  1. What's important is that you enjoyed your stay. You're must be living the life! :)

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