Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hostel Review: Ecopackers Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu town or Aguas Calientes is the gateway town to Machu Picchu. As expected, this is a very touristy place. The town thrives on tourists. I just selected whatever accommodation fit my budget. Booked a night in Ecopackers. 

The hostel's location is pretty nice. Easy to find and the bus station to MP is 5 minutes away. Reception spoke pretty good English. 

I stayed for 18 hours at a 4-bed girl dorm ensuite. Room costs $19. They were a bit choosy with the dollars they accept. The bills had to be new with almost no crease.

The beds were comfy, there was heater (a must a night!) and hot water was really hot. There were 4 beds but only 2 were occupied for the night. Lucky me.

There were 2 vacant electric outlet in the room. If the room would be full, expect to take turns charging your gadgets. Be sure to have your battery fully charged.

Breakfast begins at 4:00AM at the rooftop - selection includes bread, milk, coffee, and I think there was some granola but it wasn't refilled quickly. A pretty good selection, but you have to it is at the rooftop, which is really cold very early in the morning (coffee got cold easily).

Check-out is at 11AM -  I knew I'd still be in MP at that time. Had to check out when I headed out very early for MP. Left my luggage at the reception.

However, they don't give individual keys. You have to get the key from the reception to open your room, then return it. Quite difficult if you have a room at the higher floor, and the hostel has no lifts. Having no personal key is really inconvenient. 

The hostel sold water bottles too so it was convenient to just buy them when I headed out to the bus station. I
also stayed at the rooftop for a couple of hours after I checked out when I was waiting for my train to Cuzco.


Wifi was pretty good. I spent two or three hours lounging in the common room at the rooftop while waiting for the departure of my train. The common room had a billiard pool, TV and a bar.

Good enough for a short stay.

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