Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wasting Time Around Machu Picchu Pueblo (or Aguas Calientes)

I got back in Aguas Calientes at almost 1PM. I was soooo hungry at that time, I needed real food. I didn’t have the energy to scout for the best-authentic restaurant in AC so I ended eating where I had dinner the previous night. I ordered the same thing. Their trout was that good – it costs 22 soles but as I said, this is a touristy town.

Why not have trout and fries again? With Inca Cola this time.

My train going to Cuzco departs at 5:23PM so I had hours to kill. Aguas Calientes is not a big an interesting town. It is touristy. If you’re thinking to spend another night in town, choose a nice hotel. There’s not a lot to see. 

Hello guard dog

My hunger was sated but I was suffering from this hygiene guilt, caused by my Filipino habit of starting the day with a bath. I’ve conquered MP but I haven’t had a bath. I grabbed stuff from my backpack and headed up up up to the hotsprings. 

The town
The town is really called Machu Pichu Pueblo but earned the nickname of Aguas Calientes because of the hot springs. 

Uphill uphill

Shops in the path going up to the hot springs

The hotsprings was easy to find. But it was difficult going up there. I exerted more effort trekking up the hot springs vs. going around Machu Picchu. It was a steep climb going up the to the entrance of the resort, and an ever steeper climb in the resort.


Entrance to the hotsprings costs 10 soles and locker rental costs 1 sole only. Good thing I brought my own towel because all the towels for rent were already taken when I was there – or maybe he didn’t understand me, and I didn’t understand him well. Bring your own towel and toiletries for a good measure.


There was a lot of pools but I only liked one. Some of the pools were quite dirty – with dead mosquitoes and leaves floating. Now if you consider those elements natural, then fine. But I would say there are better hot springs but this was my choice for now. But I went to the hot springs to kill time and bathe.

The town square seemed full of activity but it didn’t interest me further. I went back to the dorm and repacked my stuff in the common room. Bought some familiar snacks (Twix for 6 soles, a rip-off I know) too much on during the train ride to Cuzco.

I headed off to the train station. The train was a bit delayed but all was fine. I overheard the Tagalog language. This is the first time I encountered Filipinos in Machu Picchu!

Guard dog again

It was a 4-hour long train ride going to Cuzco. I didn’t get to see a lot as it was already night time. The staff entertained the audience with a fashion show showcasing their clothing merchandise. The show lasted for 30 minutes. Very entertaining!

Decent train food. Decent but not exactly delicious.
There was a slight breeze when I got off the train in Cuzco. That slight breeze was enough
We agreed on a 30 soles flat fare going to Kamila Lodge in Cuzco.
Cuzco, here I am. 

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