Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hostel Review: USA Hostels Hollywood

I am used to sleeping in hostels. I am used to paying for a cheap price for a place to sleep and shower. And wifi of couse. Along with food and shelter, wifi is now one of the basic needs (in Maslow's hierarchy of needs). 

But I am not used to paying $50 for that. But I had a difficult time finding hostels at the $25-$30 with some decency (meaning cleanliness, safety and wifi).

I chose USA Hostels Hollywood because of the raves I read from the ever-reliable Tripadvisor. 

Reaching the hostel is easy. I just rode SuperShuttle from LAX and paid the driver $14.

For $50 a night in a 6-bed ensuite dorm, it is just okay. Dorms and bathroom are kept clean. You have your own night light and 2 outlets so you can conveniently charge your own gadgets or read when everyone else is sleeping. 

The bathroom is spacious and clean. (Of course you want to jump in the shower first to avoid the hair build-up in the drain). Hot water comes quickly and is plenty (Of course, this is the land of excess).

Breakfast has a good mix of bread, fruits and drink. 


  You can also make your own pancakes, they provide the pancake batter. 

I also like that they have a water refilling station (hot, warm and cold). I don't have to buy water bottles again and again. Saves time, money and the environment.

The hostel is not "centrally located". LA has no "city center" close to everything else because it is soooo spread out. It is near Hollywood, so you can do the Walk of Fame easily. Lots of restaurants (cheap and not-so-cheap options) nearby.

The common room is a nice place to just hangout plus it has two toilets that you can use when you are waiting for check-in or if your room is being cleaned. Staff are generally helpful. They also offer a lot of tours for a very reasonable price. 

And they had good wifi. ^_________^

Not sure where the raves in Tripadvisor are coming from. But this is just a so-so hostel for me for its price. It delivers what it promised, but nothing more than that. A so-so place for $50 a night. 

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