Monday, August 5, 2013

Flight Back to Manila: EU II Closing Thoughts

I cannot find the photos I took on my way to Lisbon airport and my whole flight back. Bummer. Probably, I mistakenly cleared the memory card thinking I saved the photos but I didn’t. Booooo.

 So here it goes with less photos. 

I bought two souvenir shirts from the shop below Good Morning Hostel Lisbon. The guy here calls me out whenever I leave or arrive: “Hey there Philippines!”. I bought two shirts from him for €19 for my parents. 

I had a bunch of euro coins left so I splurged €6,90 in Haagen Dazs for an apple pie ice cream before heading to the airport. 

The bus going to the airport costs €3,50, the stop is right in front of my hostel, so it was very convenient.

I wasted more euros for pasalubong at the airport. I was closely monitoring my spending throughout the trip and I was still way below my planned budget. I never fully utilized the food allowance.

I am blogging almost two years after the trip itself. I already forgot some of the details, I had to Google them in order to tell my adventure. Details are awesome, but you won’t really remember the kings, the wars and all of those stories. But I still remember how I felt in particular events during the trip.

I felt that the living in the city of Prague is like living in the city of Sleeping Beauty. It was a classically beautiful and picturesque city that you can spend hours in thinning the soles of your shoes.

Walking in the streets of Athens felt like walking in Cubao, with ruins all over the place. Athens didn’t give a wow factor at first, but I learned how to like it.

Feta cheese in salads means a block of feta cheese on top of your greens. They don’t scrimp.

We did not have a lot of time in Barcelona. I vow to go back when Sagrada Familia is finished. (They keep adjusting the date though).

And there's a lot more to explore in the Andalucian region.

I am extremely happy and thankful that I was able to go to Europe again. When I did EU I, I thought that would be that. I didn’t think I’d be able to come back soon, even if I wanted to. Cheers to a lower Euro rate. 

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