Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hostel Review: Good Morning Hostel Lisbon

This hostel shows what customer service is all about! First of all, they treat you as a buddy-friend, and they are willing to answer all your questions. They answered my questions thoroughly and gave me plenty of suggestions.

I stayed in a 6-bed female dorm for two nights and a double room for my last night. The 6-bed dorm was spacious. Each bed had its own lamp, socket and a place to put random stuff on. The beds are really sturdy too! It does not creak and squeak as much. A super plus especially because I was assigned at the top bunk. The lockers are huge (bring your own lock) and the room has enough space to accommodate the luggage even if we are all in the room.

The room looks really spartan but the bunks are very sturdy, and they are kept clean!
The common bathrooms were well-maintained, spotless and never runs out of tissue paper. The bathroom had a hook where you can hang your things, although in my opinion, a couple of more hooks/hangers in the shower stall can help. There are 3 shower stalls, 5 toilets and 6 sinks. I never saw the bathroom full.

The double room was huge, and the bathroom was super huge as well. The double room is located at the top floor. So just expect to carry your luggage up there. Both the double room and the dorm did not have airconditioning, just fans. Not sure how the heat and humidity would play up during the summer months in Lisbon.

I booked a private room during my last night for my own peace of mind. It has been four weeks of non-stop, almost no-break trip. I need my own space to recharge my batteries before the long flight. Plus, I am extra messy when I pack my stuff before flying home because of all the pasalubong. 


Breakfast was super duper excellent! Fresh waffles done everyday - lace it up with syrup or jam. There's bread, cornflakes, coffee, tea. Way better than your average hostel. They also make it a point to chat with you during your breakfast.

This is the breakfast place...during the afternoon

They also have free Sangria or sausage nights, which make the hostel perfect for chatting with fellow backpackers. A great environment to meet people for solo travelers like me.

Location is super superb. Near Rossio Square, and near the Rossio train station which is your jump off point to Sintra. Near restaurants, ATMs, and there is a convenience store nearby. Just a couple of steps away from Restaurodes station - just watch for the sign. Keep note of the address.

A warning though, the building had no lifts. I had to haul off my luggage to the third floor reception. The staff extended their help when they saw I needed a helping hand.

I highly Good Morning Hostel Lisbon for an awesome stay in Lisbon!

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