Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Accommodation in Kandy: Lake Round Residence

I had a bit of a trouble finding the place at first because the pin in Google Maps is located in the other street. I called the owners and they were helpful in instructing me find the right location.

This is an old house near the lake, a perfect location. It can take around 25 minutes to get to the other side of the lake, where the tooth temple is, but it was a good scenic walk. Just be wary of the bystanders around the lake, during the day and most especially at night. The girl who assisted me was very helpful and cautioned me not to hang out around the lake at night because I was travelling alone.

Unassuming on the outside

I had a short wait in the living room while my room was still being prepared. They gave me a cold glass of iced tea. Refreshing.

The room is spacious, clean, and the bed is comfortable. I paid $24.62 * 144.81 = LKR 3,565 for one night in this ensuite double room.

The mosquito net is pretty regal

There's no airconditioning the room had a fan and it was pretty cool at night despite being humid during the day.

Excuse the mess. I create mess easily.

Spacious bathroom

Shower comes with a heater
There's a huge living room where you can hangout. 

The house is an old family home with rooms located in the 2nd floor. I think the owners inhabit the rooms in the first floor of the house.

The place offers no breakfast but you can buy food from the supermarket and cook it in their kitchen. The nearest supermarket I could find was around 20 minutes away on foot. Do consider that when you have to haul back 2liters of water (I binge on water). There's a fridge, electric kettle and microwave. They have free tea too.

Overall, Lake Round Residence was a nice place to stay in for one night in Kandy. I just had this one annoying moment with the housekeeper wherein he insisted on assisting me with my backpack (I could have carried it myself with no problem at all) and then asked for tip after. That was less than a minute worth of service. But yeah fine, I gave him a tip.

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