Friday, April 29, 2016

Accommodation Review: Blue Wing Inn

I found the Blue Wing Inn via I booked a room to myself. The backpacking scene in Nuwara Eliya didn't seem to be thriving.  

The place is not located in the town center, but near the lake. Walking to town was 30 minutes each way, which was a nice manageable walk.

Getting there was easy for me because I hired a private vehicle to take me from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya.
Narrow road.

The view going to the accommodation from the lake

I stayed for two nights in a double bedroom. I paid LKR 8,830, which was approximately USD 56 for two nights. Not exactly a backpacker-cheap type of accommodation. I liked the comfort of having a room to myself and my own bathroom. Their double bed was comfy and they gave me an extra blanked when I requested for one - it was quite cold at night.

The hot water was erratic as sometimes there were some, and sometimes there were none.

Breakfast was delicious and plenty. For dinner, I went to the pizza place which was less than 500 meters from the residence - delicious pizza! The owners were very accommodating to all my questions.

I booked my tour in Horton Plains via the hostel and their rates were lower than the others. They were also nice to pack my breakfast to go. The owner also offered to take me to the bus or train station when I was leaving but I opted to get a private car (from another company) to take me back to CMB airport.

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