Monday, December 3, 2012

Kyoto Food Sightings

Fastfood Chains

Yoshinoya dinner for ¥ 490. I got some combo meal: Rice, Miso soup, beef, salmon and some side. The beef was perfectly tender, the salmon was just so-so. There is something about the Japanese rice that somewhat makes the meal perfect. The drink is a complimentary cold green tea. You can order separate beverages if you want.

Yoshinoya meal
The store layout is very functional. The store has a somewhat depressing atmosphere like the vending machine restaurants in Tokyo. You go there to eat. 

You don't really wanna hang out here
McDo meals are relatively pricey (compared to the prices in Manila of course). But I like their fries better. I had two large fries for my meal. A fastfood meal is not complete without fries.

Mos Burger. Mos Burger is a popular burger fastfood chain that originated in Japan. Maybe something like their vesion of Jollibee? I didn’t really feel the Japanese-touch in the burgers. Ask for the English menu when you order. A burger is a nice break from all the rice combos.

My dinner burger meal for ¥ 780.

The burger was juicy, but forgettable

Sukiya. A contender of Yoshinoya. I had a bowl of cheese Sukiya for just ¥380. Apologies for the lousy pic below. The camera wasalready broken during this time. Kahit malungkot, kelangan kumain. I was still quite depressed over my camera, I only ordered the smallest bowl. The picture quality is bad, but that is one freakin’ good bowl of gyudon. I liked their beef much better than Yoshinoya. Take a bowl of gyudon over a Japanese burger. Mas sulit!

I can read the Hiragana sign of Sukiya

Cheese and Beef. Good combination!

Coco Curry Ichiban. Another famous Japanese fastfood chain that specializes in curry. I am not a fan of curry, I don’t really like the...smell of its spices. But this one is pretty good. Their sauce is delicious but not overpowering. Got some chicken curry with a yogurt shake for ¥830.

The menu of Coco Curry Ichiban
Chicken curry and yogurt shake

Around the Streets

Bought Kintsuba, a local dessert, while roaming around the picturesque streets of Kyoto.
Enjoy sampling the various rice cakes. I had two pieces while roaming around in Kyoto. 

Bring enough mineral water around. But don’t fret, there are reliable vending machines. Fully stocked and working.

Fish-like desserts in Fushimi Inari: JPY 400. I wasn’t really hungry but the scent was so enticing, and the shape sparkled my interest.

There are cornflakes and cream inside.

Ramen somewhere in Arashiyama ¥450.

Yellow apples?

Loads of sashimi sold in the grocery.

I found these sausages. Quite cheap!

Choco banana shake from Gojo Guesthouse Cafe. I used the coupon. Drank the yummy drink while sharing my adventure with my new friend-roomate.

Bento Box

Bento Box in Inagiku Shangrila Makati. I wasn’t able to finish the whole thing.

Bento Box in Inagiku
I had dinner at the mall. Just picked out some resto offering bento boxes. I just pointed to what the girl next to me was eating.¥1,250.  Everything was delicious! Walang patapon!

Bento box meal baon in the train.
Let your tastebuds have fun in Kyoto!


  1. Inagiku Shangrila...Makati?
    Kumusta naman ang bento box sa train?
    Mahilig sila sa cornflakes and cream, ano? Ganun din yung desserts sa St. Marc's.

  2. ^I reread that part and I think it wasn't a "smooth" writing transition. I wanted to compare the Bento Box from Inagiku Shangrila vs. the normal Bento Box. Sakto lang yung bento box. Lots of sellers and varieties in train stations and I saw business people eating them too.


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