Friday, December 7, 2012

Back For An Evening in Tokyo Nishitetsu Inn Nihonbashi

I packed my last haul of Kyoto souvenirs in my luggage, bid a warm farewell to the staff of Gojo Guesthouse, hopped on a bus and waited for the next train that will bring me back to Tokyo. My apologies for the crappy pictures. My handy Canon S95 was killed by a deer inNara park and I had to resort to using my Nokia N8.
My heavy luggage and heavy laptop bag
I still had time to choose my bento box. A lot of locals seem to buy these often. So it is not just-for-tourist thing. 

Lunch on the shinkansen

Pocky Almond Crush. Yumyum!

I rode the JR Train and got off at Tokyo Station. I chose to stay somewhere near Tokyo Station because I had to be up early the next day for my flight going back to Manila. I booked a night in NIshitetsu Inn Nihonbashi. Here’s where my trouble began. Ummm... I didn’t have proper directions how to get to the Inn. I just had the map...which didn’t suffice. I called the Inn, but the girl just couldn’t speak the directions in English. So wandered for around an hour, pausing at every map in a waiting shed and asking for directions from kind pedestrians. I didn’t want to waste my remaining Yen on a taxi ride.

Anywaaayyyy....I don't really wanna recall and share the frustrating story of getting to the hotel. I've acquired enough street smarts to figure out how to get to there. The girl apologized profusely for her bad English.

I paid JPY 5,760 for one night, this is the promo rate in I think the regular price is around JPY 8,000+ for one night. Geez, business hotels are pricey in this area.

The room has a fridge, electric kettle and some utensils. 

You have to get the wifi kit from the lobby then return the pack when you check-out. They give this mini kit with a device that has the wifi signal. The instructions are quite easy to follow.

Water is potable too.

Clock, Radio, Alarm

I went back at Asakusa at night. I had dinner with a fellow travel enthusiast Imet in UBBE Palaui of Travelfactor. Walked around the district and enjoyed the area at night. Got some nicer pics using his camera too. 
Last dinner in Japan!

Tomorrow, I say goodbye to the land of my teenage dreams. 

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