Saturday, December 8, 2012

Flying out of Tokyo Airport, Sayonara Japan

Departure Day. Ugh. 

My flight from Narita Airport was at 10:45 am. I wanted to be in the airport two hours before that. As early as 6:15, I checked out of Nishitetsu Inn Nihombashi and withstood the cold morning breeze of Tokyo. It was a windy walk going to Tokyo station. That was 20 solid minutes of walking. I boarded the posh-looking Narita Express (N’ex). This ride is also covered by the JR Railpass. There were lockers where you can leave your luggage and you’ll have to key in a passcode. I was feeling clingy to my stuff and I didn’t wanna figure out the whole passcode thing so I kept my luggage in front of me.

Narita Express

It was a one-hour ride going to the airport. I watched the Japan scene float by. Played some tunes in my Ipod. Anything to ignore my hunger pangs and to forget that I was leaving Japan.

Be mindful of the stops. Some airlines depart at Narita Terminal 1 and some depart at Terminal 2. The names of the stops are shown on the screen.
Checked-in my luggage. I had to eat. ASAP. Aha! Starbucks. Yeah Yeah, nag-Japan para mag-Starbucks no? But I wanted something familiar after 9 days of eating Japanese food. Unfortunately, they do not have Coffee Jelly. So I settled for  a hot drink instead. Starbucks breakfast for JPY 800.

Starbucks breakfast for JPY 800
Pricey internet
I had a nice nap in these chairs. Woke up so early I felt sluggish.

My last few minutes in the airport was spent looking at some Kitkat items. I found the Cherry blossoms of Kitkat here.

Japan Kitkat Cherry Blossoms: JPY 750

Then it was time to board the plane. 

The experience transcends more than just traveling to Japan. Or traveling Japan solo. Or being able to afford the whole trip. It is a fulfillment of a teenage dream. Now that may sound profound, corny or exaggerated, but it feels that way. :)

My Japan 2.0 dream for this one is to do another trip with my Amigas. :)


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