Monday, October 15, 2012

Resort Review: Isla Reta Beach Resort

Since I just whipped up this Isla Reta trip just a night before, I had no time to find Isla Reta’s website and contact info and reserve a room. Good thing I was able to get one! By the end of the day, all the rooms were occupied. There were a lot of campers by the beach.

The beach sand has some crumbly rocks and broken shells but the real white sand can still shine through. The Talisay trees give this island its character. 

Ever thought of napping under a coconut tree? Try napping under a Talisay tree.

Isla Reta Rates
Day trip rate: Php 75.00/pax/day; 4-10 years old Php 35.00; 3 years old and below – Free
Overnight rate: Php 150.00/pax/night; Kids – Php 75.00/head
Concrete room (with private CR): Php 800/night – free entrance fee for 2 pax
Native room (separate CR): Php 700/night – free entrance fee for 3 pax
Dormitory type room: Php 6,500 – free entrance for 22 pax
Bringing your own tent: Php 100.00

More rates of the island

Rules. Ahem.
I got my own room with a private bathroom.

The concrete room is far from fancy, and it actually quite old. But it is kept clean.

Not the coziest room, but clean and spacious

There were some aggressive ants in my room. I just took a shower then my Oreo was invaded by the army of ants. Booooo!

There's my food stash - the target of the ants

The toilet does not have an “aggressive-type-of-flush”, so the flushing must sometimes be done twice or complemented by a timba-flush.

The water tank. I think they store rainwater here then it is treated.

The common bathroom:

The native cottages:

The staff were nice and polite to my requests. They even heated my lunch for free. They were just a tad curious and puzzled that I was traveling to this island all by myself. At a time, I wanted to pretend that I had an imaginary friend, but I might just scare myself.

Wala nga lang sabaw

Electricity is turned off at certain hours. It is off from from 9am to 3pm. But the power went off on some other hours when I was there. I was still able to charge my gadgets. Prepare to open your windows if the room becomes a bit hot.

I thought it would be quite at night, but nope. The people were videoke partying. Can’t really control that. I plugged my earphones to listen to my own playlist of lullabies.

I love the Philipines!

Isla Reta was an ideal place to experience my first solo beachbumming experience.

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