Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hostel Reviews: Sampaguita Inn and MyHotel Davao

Davao offers a lot of cheap budget accommodations for solo travellers. There’s even a new dormitel (mixed dorm). Since rooms were affordable, I wanted my own room. Sampaguita Inn is heavily recommended for a budget traveller like me. The new Sampaguita Inn is located in Mayon St., Davao City.

From Fracisco Bangoy Airport, I hailed a cab going to Sampaguita Inn Annex for Php 155. They had no rooms available. The old Sampaguita inn was just around the corner so I checked if they had free room. No luck. My stomach was grumbling. Although they had their own cafeteria, I wanted to eat somewhere where the menu is familiar. Me and backpack. I found myself wandering around Illustre street and found a 24-hour McDonald’s. Hoorah!

After breakfast, I draped myself in the Inn’s lobby and waited until a room became available. It took me a good hour of listening to my playlist before an airconditioned room became vacant. More expensive, but I was so tired already and I wanted to rest. The aircon room cost me Php 475.

Sampaguita Inn:

Room Rates of Sampaguita Inn

The corridors

The room was spacious for one. I got the corner room in the first floor. It think the room was located near the generator or some some noisy machine. Irritating, as I stayed in the room until late afternoon.

Lots of space to unload my stuff.

The bathroom is simple. Clean enough. They provided complimentary soap and tissue.

It was convenient that their canteen offered breakfast. Prices are pretty reasonable.

MyHotel Davao:
I didn’t want to wait for a vacant room in Sapaguita Inn so I chose MyHotel for my last two nights in Davao City. The hotel is located at the busy street of San Pedro in Davao City, smack in the middle of everything. A non-aircon room costs Php 250/night. The room has a personal sink, but the bathroom is shared. They don’t accept reservations for the single non-aircon room, good thing they had an available one when I got there.
I took a cab from Sta. Ana wharf going to MyHotel Davao which cost me Php 70. The first cab I rode kept breaking down so the driver advised me to change cabs. I had five minutes of paranoia in the backstreets of Davao city while waiting for another cab.

A super basic no-nonsense accommodation.I added Php 50 to have TV the room. Bad decision. The TV had only 5 channels, and I wasn't really a fan of watching TV anyway. 

There are three common bathrooms in the floor - no hot shower option. The bathroom can be cleaned more often. One bathroom is larger than the other two so I frequently use that one. 

Both locations are near banks, convenience stores and public transportation.


  1. Davao is Very good hotel with excellent public transport connections. Good even though a bit pricy breakfast. Overall good value for money. Would visit again.
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  2. Hi would like to ask if may vacant po ba kayo room for two tonight's reservation po


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