Friday, December 17, 2010

Sagada Saga – The Cave Connection Adventure

If you are scared of heights, darkness, drowning and bats, banish all of them for a couple of hours. This adventure is not for the faint-heart.

The next adventure for Day 2 is the famous Cave Connection adventure of Sumaging and Lumiang Cave. It is a self-inflicted torture worth four hours that necessitates you to climb, crawl, rappel, slip, slide, squirm and butt-walk through cave ravines, underground streams and numerous types of cave formations. With raindrops of Guano (bat poop) along the way. For the love of photo op, we managed to smile all the way.

I never thought caves could be so enchanting. Caves are supposed to be this dark and cold place but Sagada changed all that. Too bad my point and shoot camera is lousy in these types of settings. I found Lumiang Cave more enthralling than Sumagin Cave – more challenging too. For the not-so-fit adventurers, the cave connection is not recommended – for safety purposes as well. Sumaging Cave exploration is more appropriate.

Pose pa rin! Parang madali lang.

The Sagada caves are quite a puzzle. You will have to guess which path you will conquer next. Kala mo impossible? Magiging possible!

Trust your guides. They are strong and they can handle you. They take your pictures while you are in a unflattering pose. Wa-poise!

“Seriously Kuya?” Bangin yan eh!

There was this moment when I felt like I was climbing my way out eternally. The exit was nowhere in sight and the scent of the guano became quite intense. Adrenalin rush kept me going. You can’t afford to be tired because you want to get out already.

The guides are trained how to handle cameras – point and shoot, that is. So don’t fret handing them over. You’ll be quite preoccupied keeping yourself alive anyway. The guides entertain you with their interpretation of the rock formations.

Freezing but still smiling:

Embedded remains of ocean creatures in the caves. This suggests that the caves were once submerged underwater teeming with marine life.

After four hours of this adrenalin adventure. We were exhausted. I felt that I burned all the food I ate for breakfast. I was tired and famished. When we went back to the Inn, I wanted to sleep/take a bath and eat at the same time. Of course, food became the priority.

After resting, we proceeded with exploring the town. Of course, we didn’t miss trying out Lemon Pie House – a few steps down the road. The exterior was painted in lemon-color of course.

Their lemon pie (Php 25/slice) and lemon tea (Php 15) is a must try. Perfect comfort food from a tiring day. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture before eating it.

We had dinner in this cozy place called Salt & Pepper. For some reason, I ordered Spaghetti and a Chololate Shake. Not the best combo in the world but I was craving for some type of “junk food meal” in the mountains.

And with that adventure for the day – Sleep came easily.


  1. It's funny that you ate your pie before you could take a picture of it. :)


  2. My hunger was stronger than my desire to take a picture back then. Thanks for the Lemon Pie House Link :)


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