Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sagada Saga – Kiltepan Viewpoint and Sagada Pottery

Day 2 of our Sagada Saga required us to wake up at around 4am-ish to witness the sunrise at Kiltepan Viewpoint. I did wake up along the lines of 4am, but getting up was another story. It was so darn cold and I was feeling some sore spots from the trek the day before. But the excitement of our itinerary for the day made me finally get up.

The trip to Kiltepan Viewpoint took approximately 30 minutes. I was still feeling drowsy during the trip but the cold breeze kept me awake. We arrived at the viewpoint with ample time to take in Sagada’s morning.

Good morning Sagada!

The view was just fantastic. There was this sea of clouds below the mountains. Makes you want to float with them.

Hello Haring Araw.

Kuya Erwin said we’d be visiting Sagada’s Pottery - since it was near the vicinity anyway. Pottery is a dying art in Sagada.

Since the owners were not around, Kuya Erwin demonstrated himself basic pottery. It is so cool that he knows how to do it. It was nice that the owners are okay with tourists just entering their pottery to take a look. Shows you that the locals know and trust each other.

Cool clay truck huh?

Finished products:

Some of us tried doing the pottery. I just settled for some photos.

Then we were off to breakfast back at Alibama Inn. We needed to fuel ourselves for the day ahead.

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