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Yogyakarta Takeaway Thoughts & Tips

Jakarta airport has three airport terminals. If you are catching a connecting flight, allow at least 2.5-3 hours in between flights. This allowance considers the delays in flight, baggage retrieval and waiting +riding the free shuttle across the terminals. If you need to get a visa for Indonesia, add some time to that. My seatmate from UK told me it took him two hours to secure a visa in Jakarta airport. (+points for PH passport-holders coz we don’t need one). 

There's a free shuttle bus (color yellow) that goes around all the terminals. The shuttle comes every 20 or so minutes. I advise that you to check your terminal arrival and departures if you have connecting flights - BEFORE booking your flights. 


Indonesia charges airport fees when you check in. Terminal fees are collected when you check-in. I paid IDR 150,000 or Php 600 when I flew back from CGK to MNL. Don't waste all your IDRs in duty free. 

Around Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta airport has a Transjogya Station. Transjogya is a bus system that operates in Yogyakarta (don't we wish that we have this in Manila). For IDR 3,000, you can get from point A to point B in the city. Very convenient. You can even reach Prambanan temple using Transjogya. Very cheap!

Where to Stay in Yogyakarta
If you have moolah and you want to believe that you really have to experience Borobudur sunrise, then go book a room in Manohara Hotel. Pricey at $100+ a night for a budget traveller like me. 

So... the backpacker's zone it is. The area around Malioboro Street reminded me a lot of Vietnam's backpacker's area. Lots of hotels, hostels, pension houses, cheap food options and travel agencies. Beth used her Agoda points and booked a couple of nights in The Cabin Hotel located in Gandekan Lor - a street parallel to Malioboro. It took me 15 minutes to reach the place after getting off Transjogya station in Malioboro. I pride myself that I just followed the map and I didn't ask anyone for directions. Minor accomplishment!

The Cabin Hotel Lobby. They have a cute logo.

Their rooms are very "sakto" (read:small, I just wanna be conyo, you know). There's a bed, a table and some small space where you can place your luggage. Other than that, that's it. There are also spots in the room where there's Wifi.Bathroom is shared.

Cheap enough. The tours were pricier.

They have water - just go and refill your bottle. You also have free noodles for every night of your stay. A pretty good deal. The staff was also very helpful in answering our questions. Just refrain from using complicated English and simplify your questions. As I say, Traveling is not an English-speaking contest. 

Water, coffee/tea at your disposal.

There's also an ATM machine nearby. The place is also less than 10 minutes away form Tugu station - where the regional trains are. I took the train to Malang from Yogyakarta Tugu station.

Food in Yogyakarta

I particularly like the Bakpiapia. Their local version of hopia. Try the coffee flavor!

I LOVE their pancit canton. Buy lots of Mi Goreng!

And because we were feeling senyoritas, we tried the Most Expensive Coffee In The World. This is similar to Alamid coffee in the Philippines. Actually, Beth ordered one, I ordered a cheaper drink. Harhar! I was honored to share the moment where she tasted the most expensive coffee. The presentation of the drink was very...royal.

There's something about Avocado and Coffee in this country. I tried the Avocado Coffee 

My rice meal (rice with fish na parang tuyo) and Avocado Shake for IDR 45,000. Both were yummeh!

Wasn't able to try this one

Too bad I wasn't able to encounter A&W during my whole stay in Indonesia. :(

The Tours

We got a fairly decent price for the tours. We stumbled upon Cakra tour and Travel (see address in the photo below) which was open before 10am. Some places in the area came alive at night only. Here's my account of the tours.

And other things....

The toilet fee in Prambanan cost IDR 1,000. We even saw one in the sunrise viewpoint costing IDR - 2,000 or Php 8. Pricey. 

Shirt souvenirs costs IDR 25,000... for TWO. WOW! Lots of other normal touristy stuff there like keychains, slippers and bags as well. I would still suggest Mi Goreng as a good pasalubong. 

Enjoy Yogyakarta!

Happy photo in Borobudur


  1. Hello, my name is dhani. I have read your post. Is nice. :)
    I want to ask you about The Cabin Hotel. Did you have some bedroom picture on there?
    I really glad if you respon my question. Thank youu. :)

    Dhani - Indonesia

    1. Hello! Unfortunately, I did not take a photo. The room was small for two people with luggage, but we fit anyway.

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