Sunday, September 21, 2014

Feeding Frenzy In Bacolod

Cows have four intestines, at least. All of that to convert the grass into milk. 

A cow's digestive system

You’ll envy a cow when you go to Bacolod.
Our intestines are not enough to handle all the gastronomic options in Bacolod.
Prepare to commit one of the seven deadly sins in Bacolod: Gluttony.

Our lunch in El Ideal Bakery in Silay proves that good food does not need to be pretentious or expensive. Food here is simple, far from being “artisanal”, but the flock of customers in the shop is consistent.

I think the local longanisa meal is around Php 120. Then Sarah and I shared two slices of pie and fresh lumpia, one of their bestsellers too. I shelled out Php 176.00 for my lunch. Affordable and delicious food. I guess that’s the advantage of eating in the province; you’ll get really good food at reasonable prices. Unlike in Metro Manila, where you’ll have to pay moolah for a so-so food. I wouldn’t mind retiring in the province someday.

I am a sucker for buko pie. Their buko pie is so delicious. I took a bite before taking a shot. Their Guapple pie is also yummy, but my vote goes to their apple pie. I didn’t buy one whole pie because I didn’t want to carry a box all the way home. :P

A bite before the photo
Chicken Inasal a dish that originated in Bacolod. We found three options but we went with the suggestion ng bayan: Aida’s Manokan. Aida’s Manokan is located in Manokan Country, a strip eateries in FM Ferrero St., near SM Bacolod.

Another no-frill’s establishment.

My life-changing discovery: Chicken Oil. I’ve eaten in Bacolod Chicken Inasal in Malls but I haven’t encountered chicken oil. Sarah said you’ll have to pay additional to try it (that’s why I haven’t tried it).

I don’t like long and complicated menus. That’s screams like a "people pleaser menu" to me. A simple one page menu with self-explanatory dish titles is enough. Too many options are confusing.

Kung pwede lang ulitin, uulit kami sa Aida's Manokan. The chicken was so yummy! Napilitan din ako magkamay. Hindi ako nagkakamay (I know, so un-Pinoy). Kaya ko magbalat ng shrimp at tuyo gamit ang fork and spoon. Pero bagay sa ambiance ang magkamay eh, so go. They have sinks where you can wash your hands.


For dinner, we made our way to Calea. The place was packed with residents and tourists. But the staff really made effort to accommodate us. They set-up a temporary table so that we would have a place.

That's me in the temporary table.
They had so many options, it was difficult to choose. Since I was not a cow with four stomachs, I had to make difficult choices. That means choosing the pistachio sans rival over the apple pie.

With cake slices just around Php 100, it is easy to understand why the place is teeming with customers. Because we were only able to try two slices, we went back the next day, twice – after breakfast and after lunch. 

Their famous chocolate cake and broken glass cake (I think)

 I told ya, gluttony.

Strawberry Cheesecake and Floating Island (not Brazo de Mercedes)

Bob’s Cafe had an awesome pizza. Their crust is so chewy! I also tried their frozen Guyabano juice. We also tried their pasta (no photo). Total lunch: Php 260/pax.

Kuppa Coffee and Tea is another popular place in Bacolod. We had limited number of days, and you can only eat so much a day, so we weren’t able to go there. Luckily, there’s a stall of Kuppa in the airport! Huling hirit!

We passed by Bong-Bong’s before checking out at O Hotel. My pasalubong loot cost me Php 429.00. That includes a box of Napoleones, packs of piyaya and pinasugbo.

Too bad I’m not a food blogger. I have limited vocabulary and idiomatic expressions in expressing and describing by gastronomic delight. 

Yeap. Sugar Bowl.


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