Saturday, April 6, 2013

Last Night In Point 303 Resort, Then Back to Surigao

Point 303 was our third accommodation for this trip. We unpacked and packed on a daily basis. I initially booked a resort located in the town proper, General Luna. The rates there are lower by just a few hundred pesos per room per night. I changed my mind on the night before our ferry ride to Siargao and googled Point 303's number and reserved just one room.

 The resort had well-maintained grounds.

It even has a pool. For kids I suppose. 

Our room was spacious, it could actually fit 6 people but the owner wanted us to get two rooms (one double room and the room for 4pax) so that we’d get the discounted of the rooms. We were able to haggle down the rate to Php 1,000 (‘twas low season) for the room for fan room for 4 pax.

Billiard pool! They also have a stack of travel and backpacking magazines. I guess these were donated by other backpackers who stayed in here.
Trying my aim here. Nah, just acting for the camera.

There’s a lot of resorts, ergo tourists, in this area. There are habal-habals waiting for possible passengers just outside the resort.

They also have a restaurant. Takes a while to serve the food, because they only have one cook. And don’t expect the items in the menu to be available. They are also, not that cheap. Expect to shell out Php 250/meal, including drinks. We had our dinner here again because we were quite tired to go somewhere else. Plus, we had to wake up early again, for our travel back to Surigao.

My shadow over my meal.
The night before, I texted Kuya Lito (our trike driver) that we want to be picked-up at around 5:00am for the 6:30am ferry. But he informed us that there was only one ferry operating and it leaves at 5:30 am. Best if we leave before 4:00am to get tickets.

He was right. There was a line in securing in the tickets going to Surigao because there was only one ferry leaving that day. Felt like the entire town was there. After elbowing (kelangan ng onting dahas sa pagpila) some people who were not in line, I was able to purchase our tickets – Php 173.00. There was also a terminal fee of Php 10.00 collected at the entrance of the port.

We paid Kuya Lito Php 70.00 (Php 20.00 from Cloud 9 to GL, Php 50.00 from GL to Dapa port) each plus a nice tip for waking up early and telling us about the ferry schedule.

The ferry trip was slow slow slow. It took almost four hours before it landed in Surigao.

 We rode a multicab (Php 10.00) that took us to McDonald’s. Time for some feels-like-home breakfast. McDonald’s just opened in Surigao the week before so there was still a lot of people in the fastfood chain.

We rode another multicab that took us to the airport. I just bought pasalubong at the kiosk at the airport because I had no idea what pasalubong to buy from Surigao anyway. The pictures were already precious souvenirs. Kung acceptable lang ba ang pictures as pasalubong. :D
The kiosk at the back sells pasalubong
Plants in the airport CR

As I bid my travel buddies goodbye, I felt the tiredness engulfing my bones. It had been a fun four days of packing and unpacking, swimming and camwhoring around Surigao and Siargao. The stingless jellyfish of Bucas Grande and the white sands of Siargao beaches. *Sigh of happiness* I treasured another moment of travel happiness before my flight was announced, and I boarded the plane that took me back to reality.

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