Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cozy Corner: Cinnamon Island Cottages

My first plan was to explore Bucas Grande Islands with Claver as the home-base for the night. But after talking to Sir Tata Bulabog, he convinced me to spend a night in the islands. He recommended Cinnamon Cottage. The selling point: not waking up very early in the morning to travel from Claver to Bucas Grande Islands. Solb!

This is managed by SAVE Sohoton = Strengthened Association of Volunteers for the Environment of Sohoton.  You can contact Tata Bulabog to arrange your accommodations here: Tata’s Contact Number:  09399043585.

We got picked up by our boat from Hayanggabon port and survived a nasty and scaryride going to Cinnamon Island. Please insist on a life vest when you rent out a boat. We were welcomed with warm greetings and sincere smiles from the staff. 

We were welcomed by snacks: Cinnamon tea and some kakanin. Merienda, may view ka pa ng beach!  

Cellphone signal here is limited. I consider this an advantage, a way to really unplug from the world and enjoy the view instead of instagramming your vacation all the way. Mindless social media browsing was replaced by merry chats. 

The stuffed toys were supposed to add a dose of comfort and coziness in our cottage. As night deepens, they somewhat become...creepier. We joked that those stuffed toys talked at night – like Toy Story toys. 

They had ample stock of shampoo and soap for our use. Our cottage had no private bathroom. There were two common CRs that can be used. 

Ample toiletries. They ensure your hygiene in this side of the world.

The accommodations were very basic and simple. No-frills.  

Our humble home for the night
Stuffed toys taking their rightful places
 We had our own veranda. It felt like we were up on a treehouse.

The private cottages had their own toilets. 

Dinner was served after just 2 hours.

We also had our lunch here after our morning tour of Bucas Grande Islands

No fans, no aircon, no electricity. Remember to bring and charge your Powerbanks. Cellphone signal for Smart was a bit erratic when I was there. But the lack of electricity was offset with great hospitality from the crew of Cinnamon Island.           

Cool gasera lamp here.

The staff is preparing our food.
 There were ongoing constructions for additional cottages when we left.

Tata Bulabog bids us farewell

I’m so glad I was convinced to stay here. =)


  1. Hi. Very nice and informative.
    How much did you pay for the accommodation, food and tour?

    1. Hi star! Here's my complete blog post on the budget and itinerary: http://adventureaccounting.blogspot.com/2013/03/surigao-bucas-grande-islands-siargao.html

  2. Hello,

    Good afternoon. Do they have bigger boats at the port? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Krissy! I did not notice any bigger boats when we arrived in the afternoon.

    2. Hello from from Hayanggabon port, the Resort arrange your boat ? how much did you spent ? I am going solo this coming weekend and really want to stay in the island resort but thinking of staying Club Tara or somewhere else but Club Tara is so expensive for me.

    3. Hi Jacq - yes, the resort arranged our boat. We got a package eh. No idea on the solo options for solo travel.


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