Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Executing The Budget Plan

Planning the financial side wasn’t really challenging. You can plug in the numbers and voila – there’s your budget. It is mathematically possible. You have a plan - Saved in a few kilobytes in an excel file. Now you have to execute the plan to convert that .xlsx file to Php.

Executing the plan.
I can proudly say I handle my money matters well.
Although I am a seasoned "budgeter", this plan was still quite challenging. How can I resist pre-ordering another pair of boots that I don’t need anyway? What kept me going is my dream. I know I know, CHEESY! CORNY! But the dream becomes more tangible when you have the plan how you can achieve that – the plan being reflected in the Excel File. Also, I know that my money will be going somewhere I really want.

Sticking with the plan.

This illustrates how I felt when I saved for this trip:

I saved the total amount I needed within my self-imposed timeline. OH YEAH.

You can take a break if this plan is straining your finances but don't give up. When you feel like giving up, just read travel blogs and look at pictures of your dream destinations in Europe.

I am obsessed with monitoring my finances in excel. Yeap, I’m one of those people with an excel file for everything with worksheets for every aspect – Salary, Bank account, credit cards, plans all have a separate sheet. Keeps me in check.

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