Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

After more than 12 hours of flight, I landed in the continent of my dreams. Schiphol airport was another state of the art airport.  This gorgeous airport is actually below sea level. Amazing eh?

First thing in order was to find my luggage. I had to pass by immigration first. The IO just asked me “how long will you stay in Amsterdam?”. I simply answered “two nights”. Tatak! Muwahahahaha! Said a silent prayer of thanks for my safe and stress-free arrival. Then I’m off to find my luggage.

The next thing in order was to get euros. As I mentioned here, airport rates are really bad. The money changer was right beside an ATM machine and I should’ve just done an ATM withdrawal. My 200 dollars were worth 125.4 euros. Crazy!

Finding where to buy the IAmsterdam card in Schiphol airport:
I mildly got lost finding where to buy the IAmstedam card in the airport. I knew that I could get it there but I had no idea where. So I spent almost an hour wandering around. I didn’t mind. Schiphol airport is quite entertaining. After being entertained, I finally asked some airport person where I can find such. Another realization of solo travel: Don't be afraid to ask for help.

The IAmsterdam Card for 48 hours costs 49. The card covers all my rides in the public transport system (except the train to/from airport) plus entrance fees of most sights.

Individual cost (in euros):
Canal Cruise                     - 10,00
Amsterdam Rijksmuseum - 10,00
Van Gogh Museum            - 10,00
Rembrandt House              - 8,00
Stedelijk Museum              - 9,00
OV-chipkaart                   - 11,50
Total                               - 58,50

58,50 vs. 49 is a good deal! The count of the 48 hours begins when you first use the card. Note: the comma is used as a decimal separator in Europe, the way that a decimal point works here.

Schiphol airport is located 10 kilometers or 20 minutes away via train from Amsterdam’s center. I exchanged my bills for coins to buy the tickets in those touch screen machines. You can also buy directly from a ticket counter but it has an additional fee of 0,50 I think (kuripot ako eh).

Brightly-lit walkalators going down to the trains.
During my train ride, I had a nice small chat with a couple from China. There were staying in Amsterdam just for a night then they will go to....I forgot. Hahaha.

Carts of the train. We both didn't know if we should go up or down so we just stayed in the middle. 

After 20 minutes we landed in Amsterdam Centraal Station (it is really spelled like that). Asked around and found my way to the exit with the trams. This sight greeted me, stopped me and I was in awe.

Hello Amsterdam. 

It wasn't very majestic view. It was actually a kinda gloomy morning and everyone was just doing their usual stuff. I was in awe because I really made it this far. Halfway around the world. 

I am in Europe! You hear me? Wohooooo!


  1. hi.. congratulations.. yes, i heard you! uhmm.. isa ako sa mga unang sumubaybay ng mga post mo sa GT when you were still planning your trip.. the next thing i know, eto, tapos na pala yung byaheng yun.. kinikilabutan ako habang binabasa ang mga posts mo.. nabuhay na naman ang dugo ko sa pangarap na ito, na minsan ko na rin kinalimutan.. haha. thanks for all the travel tips and info.. again, congratulations.. I might seek help in the future ah.. pero malamang in the far future pa.. haha.. God bless!

  2. Thanks for following my adventures. Wag kalimutan ang pangarap dahil mahirap. Kahit far future pa yan, basta go go go! Set a deadline para matuloy talaga. Wishing you all the best. I'll listen to your Europe tales too. :)

  3. This is so exciting! I traveled alone in 2010 to Christchurch NZ, with connecting flights to Singapore and Australia, going through immigration alone is one of the most frightening thing one could ever imagine specially with the Filipino passport, but with confidence and a smile, the immigration experience is a breeze! I was frightened at first too, but travelling alone is relaxing, I talked to strangers without hesitation and smile at people, something I'd never done in Manila. :D

    On to the next post! :D

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