Monday, August 15, 2011

Sikatuna Beach Hotel and San Jose Airport

At last! We landed in our modern home in this Mindoro trip – Sikatuna Beach Hotel.

The first few hours were spent dusting off the sand from our stuff and bathing in freshwater. Our last real shower was more than 72 hours ago so there’s a certain degree of grime that the saltwater cannot wash off. I volunteered to shower last so that I can take my time. Aaaahhh, showering never felt so good!!! I have a whole new respect for freshwater.


Sikatuna Hotel also has a patisserie. Tried out their cheesecake and snitched a brownie from one of my travel buddies.

We asked around where we can buy pasalubong – shirts, local delicacies. We got shrugs or smiles as answers. Oh, then why not try the local market right? We rode tricycles to get us to the market. Harharhar! The wet market was already closed. Anyway, the helpful trike driver said that there were no pasalubongs sold in their wet market anyway. We went back to the hotel empty-handed.

Since it was Valentine's day the next day, the hotel's grounds were decorated with hearts. The crazy group picture:

It was a pretty early flight the next day – 7:40 am. After checking in our stuff, we lounged around the stores outside the airport. Now there’s the pasalubong buying area. There were a couple of shirts and some native bags. I just bought sweets – pastillas, yema and other pastries were sold. Not a local delicacy but I have to bring something home.

Since San Jose airport was pretty small, it was quite uneventful while waiting for our flight. We just looked at the wonderful pics of our adventure. Promises to add each other up in Facebook were made.

I love this quote posted in the airport:

And from this group, I got travel buddies for another adventure!

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