Monday, August 22, 2011

Budgeting and Tips: Occidental Mindoro

Note: I do not write paid posts for Travel Factor. I am just a travel enthusiast who loves to join their trips.



Terminal Fee


Airfare (bought in Jan 2011)


TF Package Rate


Pasalubong (yema, pastillas)


Cheesecake and Coffee


Mineral Water




Aside from the usual “Things to bring to the beach” list, just note the following:

Freshwater is scarce. I had 6 liters of water for a 4D3N trip. Of course, it was not enough. Then again, even if you bring 20 liters of water, you will not be able to take a full normal bath with that. Bring water, then budget accordingly. Use it wisely. Foreigners can withstand these conditions for weeks. It would also help if you bring wet wipes – in lieu of freshwater. *wink*

Charge your cameras before going to Apo Reef. I think you can charge your electronic stuff in Pandan Island for a minimal fee. I had sufficient extra batteries that everything lasted until we landed in San Jose again.

If you have an underwater camera, bring it!

Remember to bring a mosquito repellent AND an itch-relief balm/ointment.

Bring your personal medicine, music player and a stash of snacks.

Enjoy nature!

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