Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pandan Island Paradise

Pandan Island is located in the west coast of Occidental Mindoro. It is a less popular paradise among tourists.

While waiting at the beach lounge, we played with their friendly pet:

Their budget rooms:

Been a while since I saw a kulambo/ “mosquito net”

Complimentary precious water:

After a brief rest, lunch was ready – and I was famished. Lunch was plenty. The lunch buffet:

We were the only Filipino travelers in the island. The guests all came from different countries. We got to chat with the lady owner of the island over lunch. She said that the island attracted more tourists that Filipinos. It was a popular dive site. It attracted tourists despite the primitive conditions.

• Freshwater was imported from the mainland
• There is no electricity. The island thrives on solar power
• Mosquitoes are everywhere

Despite this, the tourists flock the island. They do have internet – not wifi though. The visitors can pay their bill via logging online and paying via Paypal. O HA! Say mo? Although they still prefer Php cash since they have to travel back to the mainland to get cash.

There is signal in the island. However, the dining hall forbids the use of technology:

There is no generator in the island. All the electricity it needs is produced by solar panels. Charging the lights:

The afternoon was spent snorkeling around the island. Some of us did kayaking. I am an avid snorkeler so I just got baked while bonding with the underwater creatures. Too bad my underwater camera conked out on me months before.

We were a chatty (relatively noisy) group. This is why I love joining TF trips, I get to meet new people. However, we got a scolding from a masseuse because the other visitors were complaining about the noise while they were having their massage by the shore. The place is idyllic and picturesque. Probably that’s why it appeals to the foreigners. Being tucked away in a far flung island with no one to disturb you. A very appealing vacation.

We witnessed a marvelous sunset. Me with the standard peace sign:

There were plants like these all over the island.

It was a wonderful beachbumming day. I had to brush my teeth and take a shower after all the swimming that we did. Again, freshwater is limited. But I was kinda expecting it since we were all warned. I had to use my own drinking water to brush my teeth. To bathe, I had to strategically use three dippers/
tabo of freshwater. I successfully bathed by filling the dipper with only one-third of its capacity per buhos. After that, I have a whole new appreciation for freshwater.

Dinner was another gluttonous affair. Then it was time to sleep. Our boat for Apo Reef leaves the next day at 05:00 am. I slabbed a handful of mosquito repellant in my limbs and dozed off.


  1. Do you know the reason why should you switch off your phone at the dining area? :)

  2. I vaguely recall the lady owner of the island saying so that the kitchen crew won't use their cellphones while handling food. For sanitation purposes.

    Care to share other reasons? :)


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