Saturday, July 23, 2011

Around Apo Reef - Snorkeling Adventure

Clarification: Apo Reef is in Mindoro. Apo Island is in Dumaguete. They are different places.

I woke up at around 4:30 am. I had a relatively fitful sleep. First thing to do was to wash my face and brush my teeth. Oh right, there’s no freshwater supply yet – they import the freshwater from the mainland. I used my drinking water again. No worries, I was becoming an expert in budgeting the use of limited freshwater.

Apo Reef is a three-hour ride away from Pandan Island. I plugged in my earphones and got some shuteye. Which was a disadvantage because I missed the sunrise.

Apo Reef Natural park is a first class municipality. It is a protected area hence the existence of the guards there. We were surrounded my men in guns. Why the guards? The area has such teeming underwater life that it attracts illegal fishing. Chatting with the guards, they also said that the pawikans are a common target.

No freshwater. No electricity.
They do have solar panels. Kinda amazing to see these things in a far-flung place.

After breakfast, we snorkeled around the island guided by a boat. We were all wearing life-vests while clinging on the boat while it moves. The underwater was teeming with bright corals and fishes. Sadly, some of the corals already suffered from dynamite fishing. Still, it was a beautiful underwater community nonetheless.

After a while, the waves got to strong that I had to let go of the rope twice because I can’t hang on for too long. We all climbed back to boat after some time.

We headed back for lunch and frolicked in the white sands of the island before heading to the lighthouse. I already loved this trip. Seems like the time passed by so slowly and we had all the time in the world to explore more places. I think the primitive conditions will force you to simply concentrate in enjoying the place.

Lunch is served:

Cheers to the white sand beach! I'll never get enough of these sights.

After lunch, we still had enough time to swim more before exploring the rest of the island.


  1. bright corals and fishes, nice!
    kalungkot naman yung dynamite fishing..

  2. Yeah, it is such a tragedy. Kahit may mga guards dun, may mga nakakalusot pa rin daw talaga.
    Thanks for dropping by!


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