Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Conquering Coron: Mount Tapyas and Maquinit Hotsprings

Conquering Coron: Mount Tapyas and Maquinit Hotsprings

This was our itinerary for Day 1:


ETA Busuanga, Travel to coron town



Check in Princess of Coron, Drop-off luggages


Coron Town Tour

Horseback riding

Mount Tapyas trek


Maquinit hotspring dip

Hello Busuanga. Hello Coron.
Prepare to be enchanted!

We had lunch in some carinderia on our way to Coron town (own expense since lunch on Day 1 was not yet included in the package). We dropped off our luggage in Princess of Coron. The rooms were spacious and quite cozy. The bathroom was also pretty nice, clean and spacious.

The pool was still under renovation back then. Booo.

First stop - horseback riding. The last time I rode one was in Baguio – years and years ago.

Meet the horses. They look a bit malnourished.

There were only a couple of horses for riding and since we were 11 in the group, we had to take turns. Which is actually good because your companions can take pictures of you! The horse just trotted around, no galloping for me.

After a few rounds with the horsies, we proceeded with the Mount Tapyas trek. Do some stretching and jumping jacks before climbing the 700+ steps.

Are we there yet?

Bring the following:
• Light Clothing
• Water – but don’t drink a lot. I didn’t notice any CRs.
• Comfy footwear – Havaianas will do.
• Hat/Cap/Bandana
• Sunglasses/Shades
• Camera
• Energy and Stamina!

After huffing and puffing, this was the view on top. The photos do no justice.

We found this pavillion up there.

My legs were shaking on our way down. It was a tiring trek but well worth it.
And we’re off to Maquinit Hotspring!

The spring was not merely warm, but really HOT. After a tiring day of climbing, it felt good to soak my limbs in hot water to ease those aching muscles. Aching muscles c/o Mount Tapyas and no-exercise lifestyle back then.

Our wonderful guides – Jun and Lodette - arranged dinner for us.

Mosquitos were huge. Make sure to apply off lotion else mosquitos will have a feast on you.
There is a CR where you can change. Didn’t notice if there were any facilities where you can shower clean. We opted to shower back in the hotel.

And that was Coron Day 1. We had to sleep early. Call time is 04:00am for the next day.

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