Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Conquering Coron: Twin Lagoon, Kayangan Lake, Siete Pecados


Be sure to leave the hotel will all your batteries charged. This is the ultimate camwhoring day. This is the plan:


Breakfast at the hotel


10 minutes transfer from hotel to Lambingan Bridge/Pier

Twin Lagoon

20 minutes boat ride to Skeleton Wreck

Swimming and snorkelling to see the skeleton wreck, fish and nearby corals

10 minutes boatride to Banol beach

Swimming, camwhoring, picnic lunch

Kayangan Lake

Siete Pecados

Swimming, snorkelling, camwhoring


End of tour

On the way to Twin Lagoon. Cheese time begins!

You will swim your way through this opening. If you are a non-swimmer, the guide will assist you. The opening is submerged in water during high tides (in the afternoon).

The waters are deep and the corals are just breathtaking. In my opinion, this still surpasses the similarly breathtaking Balicasag Island. The corals here are "soft corals". To each his own.

Please please do have an underwater camera. Good thing we had one in our group.

After swimming out of the hole, we proceeded to the Skeleton Wreck. Boy, it was a challenge who can swim closest to the wreck. I realized that I can swim, but I can't swoop down the waters. Bleh.

The shipwreck was a Japanese ship from World War II - according to our guide.

You can feed fishies too - from the boat.

Then we are off to Banol Beach a.k.a. PARADISE. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

After a very filling lunch and a fantabulous time, there's more! Off to Kayangan Lake.

Now this is the shot you see in postcards, taken by my point-and-shoot camera.

The lake itself:

Then on to meet more underwater creatures in Siete Pecados - another divesite/snorkelling site. Looks like Coron has an unlimited supply of these.

All that swimming made us hungry. Time for buffet dinner in Divelink!


Divelink is a Resort-Restaurant located in a separate island in Coron - Uson Island. They serve buffet meals for around Php500/pax - as far as I can recall. They provide free boat service to the customers heading back to mainland. Not much variety to choose from. But their dessert was superb! Grilled Banana syrup-ed with evaporated milk + cinnamon + brown sugar + cream.

After this trip, I learned Coron has plenty of other islands to hop on.
I will definitely return to Coron!

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