Friday, November 18, 2016

Taiwan Itinerary & Budget

August was ending. It was almost two months after my trip to Central Europe and I was feeling restless. I had no planned trip for the rest of the year. Well I had plans of exploring Turkey with a friend but with the airport incident that happened in June, we got scared.

So no plans. But I wanted an adventure.

It came down to Taiwan. I flushed round-trip tickets that I got for Php 3K back in 2014 because I wasn't up for temples and siomai after my two-week trip in China. So bye bye Taiwan and tickets.

But this was two years after China, so I think I get have another dose of China, or its territory (Ooops not! *prickly point of contention*). Moving on.

I booked tickets with EVA air. Airfare costs $102 which includes meals and 20kg baggage allowance. That is a deal! That rate is not even a promo rate.

I decided to be a "kinda-maintenance" passenger and ordered vegetarian meals for my flights. The flight attendants take note of your seat number. You get served first before they roll out the food card for everyone else. Really good if you are someone like me who gets on a kinda-beast-mode when hungry. 
Pretty tasty

EVA Air flies out of Terminal 1. I Uber-ed (yeah that's a verb now, just like Googled) going to Terminal and it was a pretty quick ride with the now-open airport Skyway. I was very pleasantly surprised that I saw the facelift they've given Terminal 1.

The last time I was here was 2013 and this waiting area was poorly lit. I am extremely happy they fixed that. *applause*

There's the iconic Jollibee with a waiting area.

I didn't get any sleep in the flight. I was pretty "jet-lagged" when I landed in Taiwan Taoyuan Internation Airport. I presented the Travel Certificate I secured online using my multiple-entry Japan visa.

 I withdrew TWD in the first ATM I found.

Unfortunately, my flight arrived really early (just pas 6AM) so most of the simcard shops in the airport were closed. They open at 8AM. I didn't want to wait for two more hours just to get a simcard for wifi for the next four days so I just hopped on the bus to the city (it was fine, I survived without mobile wifi for the next four days).

Just like any modern city, Taiwan's transportation system was easy to learn.

Purchasing a ticket is a bit easier compared to my China experience

Taroko Gorge is my main agenda for my Taiwan trip. I knew that it was far from the city and the journey would be an effort but I really wanted to do it. I got tickets the day before my trip and all the fast trains going back were sold out. Secure your tickets ASAP!

This photo shows an iconic view in Taroko Gorge National Park. I learned about this from a friend in FB (the power of social media!) and I immediately wanted to see those blue waters flowing over the rocks. If I come back to Taiwan, I want to spend a week exploring this park.

Taroko Gorge

Xiao long bao tutorial

I am not in the running for having the "cheapest itinerary/budget for Taiwan". If you just look at the total, I spent quite a lot for this trip compared to other 4D3N itineraries in Taiwan. That's because of Day 2 - Taroko Gorge. I had to hire a car all to myself (but I was really determined to do this).

Itinerary and Budget Breakdown


Forex Rate

Roundtrip ticket - EVA Air (with food and 20 kg baggage)

USD 102.60

Uber to airport


1-pc Chickenjoy ala carte


Hot Chocolate at Illy terminal 1


Purchase of transportation card at airport

Roundtrip tickets to Hualien

Accommodation: Star Hostel Taipei

Bottled water

Bun for breakfast

Ice cream during tour

Tip in Historical tour

Lunch in Sukiya

Coffee in 7-11

Milk tea in Eslite

Tip in Modern Tour

7-11: 2 bananas and Ovaltine


Coffee in 7-11

Triangle in 7-11 Hualien

Car rental for 8 hours around Taroko Gorge

7-11 in  Taroko Gorge - spaghetti lunch

Lay's and yogurt drink

Ticket adjustment refund

Dinner in KFC

Bus to Yehliu (actual is 96)

Yehliu to Taipei

Lunch - clam and fried rice

Yehliu entrance fee


2 pcs. Chicken barbecue in Shi Lin

Beef in Ninxia

Cheese potato

Large wintermelon milk tee

Oyster omellete


Bottled water

Din Tai fung lunch

Ice Monster

Ticket to airport

Tea latte



Total, PHP


So Let's 


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