Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How To Fully Enjoy Art In Island (Rediscovering Cubao)

Cubao memories...
When I was a kid, my mom took me to Fiesta Carnival frequently. I don't remember every ride we took but I remember we were there frequently. (RIP Fiesta Carnival).
When I was a teenager, my highschool classmates and I used to hang-out in the new Gateway when we were all sick and tired of SM North Edsa (Trinoma wasn't around back then).
Over the years, Cubao just became a crowded MRT spot and a hotbed for pickpockets. An adventure in Cubao is not enticing. I did not want to explore. I did go to Cubao Expo once to check on the boots on sale in Janilyn but that's it.
In my adult life, I just go to Cubao whenever there's an event or concert in Araneta Coliseum - oooh, it is now Smart-Araneta. :P  

This time, a new attraction put Cubao back in the map.

Art in Island is an Interactive Art Museum located right beside the Cubao Expo complex (or is it really part of it?). The museum allows visitors to interact with the art pieces. I've had my fair share of museums and I can say that they can be somewhat tiring. 

Well not this one.

I explored the museum together with my Amiga Sarah (we call our group Amigas, you probably have your own squad names) during my birthday. The museum has a birthday promo: the celebrant has a waived entrance fee during, one day before, and one day after the celebrant's birthday. 

I showed my driver's license as proof of my birthday, and the ticket lady greeted me "Happy birthday" and told me to just show my license as my "ticket". The other staff greeted me "Happy birthday!" as well when they saw my ID. Nice staff, nice start. Entrance fee costs Php 500/pax. Staff advised us to turn off the flash when taking photos.

According to their FAQs, bring the following
1. Camera
2. Socks/bedroom slippers. You need to leave your shoes before entering the museum.
3. Jacket because it can get cold inside 

After leaving our shoes, we proceeded entering the museum. The entryway contains artwork of familiar optical illusions. I did not bother to take photos of those because they were so cliche.

I'll be sharing selected pics here. I don't want to spoil the surprise of seeing all the paintings. Still, I ended up with quite a number of pics for this blog post. [I have no idea how to call the art in this museum. I'll be using, art, wallart, pics, mural, and painting interchangeably]. 

So here's the "introductory wall art". 
My game-on-energy vibes haven't kicked in yet.

Warm up pose. No strategy. 

Other tips to fully enjoy Art in Island:

4. Wear something you can easily move around in. I wore a dress + leggings + socks... because it was my birthday and I wanted to look fab. It was quite limiting to move around but it was still manageable.

It would also help if you are physically fit to squat, sit down, stand up, balance on one leg, and do all of these repeatedly. 

I am surfing. I am surfing in a dress. Believe me!

5. Gameness. Bawal ang KJ. If you have friends who has only one pose in all of his photos, bring him here. Sige, try na lang mag-one pose with all of these wall art. Do not bring someone who has adverse feelings of being in the frame.

My so uncreative pose with the cat

6. Avoid doing your favorite or signature pose again and again. A "one-trick-pony" kind of shot gets old easily. 

Coz this kind of pose easily gets old in this setting

Same pose with Pegasus

Slightly modified pose

Kind of the same pose but kneeling

And then sitting and looking away

Back view of that same pose

Bring a variety of poses & emotions you can dig out anytime.
All-out-effort to bring out my Shake-Rattle-&-Roll acting skills

This is my best "I'm so scared I hope it doesn't find me" pose

Mas madali umulit ng accounting sa college kesa mag-pose and act. I swear.

Trying very hard to look sad like snowman.

Aaaaaaggghhhhhh *with a smile*

My acting skills suck.
I'll stick with accounting. 

So how do I pose with these Escaflowne wings?

I try to channel out my hysteria but I end up laughing too

How about that classic female hands-in-hips pose

And a jumpshot!

Pagod nako. Zen pose na lang.

7. Find the best light. The photos are magnificent but the lighting can kill it. The spotlights are too bright and reflect in the canvass in some of the paintings. Perhaps an app or photoshop can fix it but still, hassle. 

Glare in the photo

Glares in the photo. 
Me having a posing crisis. I have no idea how to utilize this art. 

8. Frame your photos carefully. Some of the murals do not have sufficient space from the other one so you'll probably end up taking a photo of two arts though you are just posing for one. 

Serious face. Then see that other room in the right side?

Brace yourself with intentional/unintentional photobummers. We were there on a weekday and there were still a chunk of people going around. 

Watch out for kids running to your frame out of excitement. Or a very inconsiderate and loud group. Or someone just taking a looooong time taking the photo. 

Photobummer on the left

I had this wooooooow moment upon entering this vast room of art. I was speechless. There are framing issues in here but heck, so much awesomeness in a room. I have no time for framing issues. 
And my classic sun salute too

9. Bring Fun Friends!!!! Art in Island is a fantastic place to explore with your barkada, friends and family.

There were only two of us but we still had fun.
Tweetums vibe
One leg stance

We lacked creativeness in utilizing this room.

Small vs. Big

Wait, what? How?

Some flexibility can help you make awesome photos

Overall, Art in Island is a great place to visit! Northerners should be thrilled with this new attraction right in the hear of Cubao. The Php 500/head can be quite steep if you are paying for your entire squad or family. But I think the fee is so worth it. I suggest each should pay for his own fee. And remember their birthday promo!

We spent 4+ hours exploring the place. This includes a 10-15 minute water break in their cafeteria. I didn't expect it to take that long. We even skipped taking photos of some art because they were cliche or we didn't find those interesting. 

Sleeveless in the snow

This might give you a headache but still fun nonetheless

Their cafe at the first floor. Nice plant art in the wall. 

Mounted paint cans

 We walked a bit around Cubao Expo, which gave off this hipster vibe. 

I celebrated by birthday dinner in Bellini's. We didn't plan to go here but they had this sign: "Pizza, Pasta and One More Chance". I recalled they shot in this restaurant for that 2007 One More Chance Movie. I was floored with the quality of their food and their exceptional service. My dining experience in Bellini's warrants a whole blog post (which I will probably eventually write).  

Bellini's: Risotto and Ravioli

Note: If you will park your vehicle in Art in Island and plan on strolling around Cubao Expo past 9:30 pm, please inform the guard beforehand.

Art in Island made me want to explore Cubao! So else is going on there nowadays? ^_^


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  2. "Do not bring someone who has adverse feelings of being in the frame." BUT if said friend is good at taking pictures, bring them along to be the designated photographer. I have another tip: do some warm-up stretching especially the thighs if you intend to do wall squats like I did! And also---....I should write these in a blog post. HAHAHA

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