Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hotel Review: Geneva Hotel, Jordan

One really really REALLY nice thing in taking this tour is that we got to stay in nice hotels. Staying in a 3-4 star hotel while travelling is nice. I have tita moments too you know. Comfort does make a difference. I can revisit all the places I’ve been to during my golden years, with the difference of staying in four-star hotels instead of four-bed dorms.

Geneva Hotel Jordan rates, October 2015
View from hotel room

We didn’t have a hand in choosing the hotels, the tour group selected them. That’s one thing left off our plate. We stayed in Geneva Hotel in Amman, Jordan. The hotel is located in a street where there are a lot of hotels too. I really didn’t know if there was a “city center” in Amman because we didn’t really have a lot of free time during the trip. Well, even if we did, I’ll probably just doze off in my bed if I were not doing my laundry in the hotel sink.

Double bed room, for parents

We were put in a family suite room which was spacious for the three of us. There were two rooms, one room had a double bed and the other one had two twin beds. 

Twin room for me. One for me and one for my clothes. Hehehe.

The living room was also big enough that we could all unpack and repack our luggage there.  

Family pic
There were TVs in each room (that's 3 TVs). 

 Shower had lots of hot water. There's a toilet and a bidet.

The breakfast had a really good selection of food. We also had dinner here as well, which had more selection. While some food are staples, they do change things up.

Internet is not free. I just hated it that I had to pay extra for the internet - internet was fairly fast though. Had to pay JOD 4 (approximately Php 280) for two days worth of Wifi.

I got out of the hotel to find some cheap bottled water. Was able to got bottles of 1L for JOD 0.40 each. It was sold at the hotel for more the JOD 1 – that prompted me to find cheaper water outside. Got them from a convenience store around 300 meters from the hotel’s entrance. I did it alone and I think the area is pretty safe.

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