Saturday, March 7, 2015

Now Purring: Miao Cat Cafe

I like dogs and cats. I believe that people who love dogs and cats are good people.

Peace on earth

We had a Siamese cat at home for 5 years. I loved his antics but I hated when he claws at my stuff, or worse, at my legs, when he is hungry. 

Moshi and puppies
He died. He didn't recover from his sickness.

Now a cat cafe. Wow.

We didn't go inside Cat Cafe in Singapore although it was located along the street of our hostel. Maybe someday. Someday is already here. We have a cat cafe in the Philippines.

Miao Cat Cafe is located in Congressional Avenue, above Cakes2Go. The place is still new as the sign was still being built when we visited last weekend. We had a slot of 8pm to 10pm. Please make a reservation as the place is small and there are a lot of cat enthusiasts (who probably dragged other friends). 

Parking is pain, but don't let it stop you. Hopefully, you'll be lucky and find a spot. Don't let this minor detail stop you. Head over to Congressional Avenue to check out the place. Call and make a reservation.

Read the rules before you go inside. Commit them to memory. Comply.

Miao Cat Cafe Rates: Php 300 for two hours  which includes pasta/rice+viand and your choice of drink. The meals weren't remarkable, but you don't really go here to eat - you go here to coo at the cats. They also sell cupcakes. I had their Thai Coffee and it was fairly good, go ahead and order that. Here's their Facebook Page.

They know they own the place

The servers were also very accommodating with our questions and requests. They have their hands full most of the time, so be patient with your requests.

The cats are cuddly, but you cannot pick them up.You can pet them, but don't pick them up. Don't feed them human food. Please learn how to turn the flash of your camera off. No flash photography.

They have an al fresco patio. There are cats there, check them out.

Family photo. Cat posers.

Some cats are just camera shy.

Doesn't want a photo

Doesn't want a photo either

The cats are still enjoyable although you need a lucky shot if you want a photo with them looking at the camera.
I really like this orangey cat here. But he was very "presko" in his spot.

The place is cozily designed for guests and cats. They said they owned 30 cats all in all, but only 10 were at the cafe during that time. That's more than enough for an hour of cat-heaven.

Hello boss.

 We stayed for an hour. That was enough to eat and take photos. Grabbed slices of cake at Cake2Go then went home.

We got lucky and our guest was somewhat looking at the camera here. 

I love the place. I will probably go back here with friends, but I'm not driving and parking.

A polecat

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