Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I am catching up on backlogs. It takes me forever. 
But there is progress. 

These are the real recent posts:
2013 adventures (I know I know, 2015 na). Two cities to go and I will be done with my EU2013 series. 

Food in Lisbon: The Appetizers Ain't Free
Hostel Review: Good Morning Hostel Lisbon
Still alive and travelling. 2015 is gonna be an awesome travel year. :)


  1. Thanks for your very helpful posts!

    Do you think this is a good offer?
    7D/6N Rome, Paris, and Madrid

    Thanks again! :D

    1. Hello Anonymous (magpakilala ka naman, hehehe). I think it is a good offer budget-wise. But in terms of the itinerary, I think gipit sa oras yan per place. If you want to skip the whole planning, if you just want to do a hit-and-run experience per city just to say you did it, this is an okay option. But three major cities in 7 days? NOPE.

  2. Hi Loraine! Thanks a lot for your quick reply! :D
    Ang initial plan ko kasi Spain lang (November 15 - 23, 2014). Basta makapasok na sa work ng November 24 hehe.
    5 days lang kasi ang papayagang leave kapag consecutive days, so siningit ko na lang ang weekend.
    Tapos nakita ko blog mo, then ung offer sa cashcashpinoy, parang ang saya mag Europe tour :D
    Ang mahal kasi ng airfare, medyo nakakahinayang kung Spain lang, hehehe.
    Thanks ulit! ^_^

  3. Hi Vanessa! Europe is so much fun! Even if you only visit Spain, it will be a blast. And it will feel like a real vacation kasi hindi masyadong nagmamadali to catch flights/trains going around. Have a blast! Good thing that you are planning early na. =)

    1. Ahh you're right :)
      Nakita ko nga sa isang post mo na ang tagal mo sa Spain ^_^


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