Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why Does EVERYTHING Have To Happen By The Time You Are 30?

The Birthday Blues Post.

In a couple of days, I will blow another candle in my cake. Okay, so I am not that young for the birthday cakes.
I’m not turning 30...yet. I still have some years before I get there.
Some of the thoughts that I thought when I was younger... elementary, high school....

By the time I was 30... I should:
  1. Be filthy rich. Have Php 1,000,000 (it sounds like a really huge huge astronomical amount when I was a kid)
  2. Travel and set foot on the 7 continents. Travel the world!
  3. Get a Masters Degree. Everybody wants it. Everybody does it. A higher sense of accomplishment.
  4. Get married and have kids. Doesn’t mean that you’ll have a great marriage or  you’ll be good parents if you do these before 30 though.
  5. Have my own house. But what if I haven’t even decided WHERE I should live?
And to do this "everything before 30 list", I have to finish my studies and have a great job. So that’s the formula and the path if accomplishing all this things? Yay! How simple!
I started working at 22. Lived with a meager salary for two years. I switched jobs, and spent the next year establishing my financial stability and spending. At 25, I started to travel. I factored traveling in my budget. So that gives me, what, 5 years to do everything??? To save and plan for all those???

I don’t want to scare the young ones with this post. The thing is, it takes more than a degree and a great job to accomplish what you want – if you want those things by the time you are earning.

I’m all for dreaming big, having enormous ambitions. I have lots of them. But why do they all have to happen by the time that we are 30? As if everything has to be done by then.

But 30 is not even the halfway mark for our lifetime.
I guess the decade mark just has to be spectacular, eh?
Or this is me just ranting. The reflective side of my brain is becoming active.
Another birthday coming up.  
I still wish for more adventures. 

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