Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Biri Bonanza – Camwhoring Day

Day 2 began at 4:30 am. It drizzled during the night so it was quite chilly. Fortunately, the weather cooperated. We rode the habal-habal again and this time, it was a bumpy ride to the sunrise site – the Mangrove plantation. Illuminated by the motorcycle’s light and our headlamps, we passed by mossy terrain and branches.

We walked in the shallow waters of the Mangrove plantation in Biri. According to Kuya Orlando, this was a project of the municipality. They planted mangroves for the next generation. Be careful not to stomp on the baby mangroves.

Waiting for the sunrise in the mangroves is quite a different setting – this sets the experience apart from waiting from the sunrise in the mountains and beaches. Too bad Mr. Sun did not show his power that day – ‘twas cloudy. Nevertheless, we took our fill of the scenery and headed back to the resort with our grumbling stomachs. The rock formations were a couple of minutes away only but we need food first.

After breakfast, we were in no hurry. This is what I love about this trip: the traveller can actually mimic the laid back lifestyle of the town. Unlike in my other travels wherein you have this checklist of everything to do at a certain time. The atmosphere induced me to fall back to the hammock again.

After our brief rest, it was a bumpy ride back to the rock formations. We conquered Mag-asang rock first. Mag-asang on the left, Magsapang on the right:

We had to walk in shallow waters to reach those rocks. The walk would probably take around 20 to thirty minutes.

The walk to those rocks is another story. The stones/pebbles underneath the waters can be very slippery – a wrong landing can lead you to a twisted ankle. I also avoided the small corals underneath. I had a few close calls I believe. I had find balance in those slippery rocks, while the water was flowing – and I had to hold up my dress.

All of that is rewarded with a marvellous sight. I had to pinch myself – nasa Pilipinas pa ba tayo????

My apologies that my humble point and shoot camera could only produce this quality:

I know that these rocks crafted and sculpted naturally. I would appreciate a nerdy scientific explanation. I’d drag a rock scientist or something like that on my next trip here.

Oh, and the walk is just part 1 of the challenge. Part 2 involves climbing those rocks to fully appreciate the magnificent sight. Good thing we all did Sagada before.

That portal in the Spirit Warriors movie (starring The Streetboys):

Pound those rocks away Pacific Ocean!

We walked to the rock across: Magsapat Rock. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Walk carefully...

My fave profile shot:

By lunchtime, we were mighty hungry for food. All the walking and threading through knee-deep water burned calories. I was burned and baked. I had tan lines and it was only ½ of Day 2.

Back at the resort, I was back at the hammock after our meal. Siesta time first. Since we had our share of the harsh rays of the sun that morning, we opted to continue the tour around 4:00pm.

But we had to do the bumpy habal-habal ride and tricky walk across the waters again going to Macadlao Rock.

Plane landing?

It was drizzling when we made it to the top of the rock. When I say “rocks”, these are really islands/islets.

Macadlao Rock did not disappoint.

No waves:


Went back with our weary legs back to the resort. But all that walking was worth it!

Day 2 – Itinerary


Wake-up call


Depart for sunrise tour




Mag-asang Rock

Magsapat Rock






Macadlao Rock


Head back to the resort


Dinner and socials

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