Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sojourn in Sonya’s

I discovered Sonya’s Garden way back in 2006. My first visit was with my family – so we had a car. They didn’t have a website back then. I had to rely on the scarce information in the blogsphere back then to know more about this place.

Of all the things they served, their salad dressing was the most superb. This is coming from a not exactly healthy eater. After four years , I craved for their salad dressing. This time, I wanted to go with my Amigas to Sonya’s – via commute. We don’t have a car.

How to go to Sonya’s Garden via commute:
  • Take the MRT. Go down to Taft Avenue Station.
  • Take the path leading behind Chowking.
  • Ride the bus going to Nasugbu, Batangas – Fare is Php 99/way. Ask the driver to drop you off Buck’s Estate in Alfonso, Cavite
  • You can ride the trike (I think it is less than Php 10/person to Sonya’s). We planned to walk our way there. It was only 1.5km anyway...or so the sign says.

And so we walked. Cars honked behind us. I don’t think it was 1.5km. UP’s Acad Oval is 2.2 km. I felt like it was three times as far.

Finally. We arrived. Famished.

I was curious what changed in the menu. The feast began with a bowl of salad greens – don’t be surprised if you see a flower petal. It is part of their salad greens. The set comes with assorted healthy toppings to go with your salad. Delish and healthy! Oh, and there’s fresh bread (not in the picture).

Their salad dressing is still superb. But I learned by lesson during my first visit: Do not pig out on the salad immediately! Quite a feat. I held back – well, just a bit - because I knew it was just the beginning.

Their second course is their pasta. Out comes the salmon belly, sun-dried tomatoes, mushroom, etc. I think they added the vegetable topping – didn’t recall that during my 2006 visit.

Their dalandan juice with mint is just refreshing. A simple combination that just rocked.

Tarragon Tea. Another simple treat you can do at home.

Chocolate cake is now on their menu! Not too sweet. Just right.

Mini camote-cues.

Mini turon.

Their bodyguards. I am such a sucker for dogs.

It was raining on our way back and we didn’t really want to walk back the (arguably) 1.5 km road back. So we just waited for a trike to take us back to the main road. Fare was approximately Php 10/pax.

The damage:

Round trip MRT fare – North-Taft (Php 15/way)


Bus from Taft going to Nasugbu (Php 99/way)


Buffet Lunch


Trike (One way fare is less than Php 10)




Don’t forget to leave tip!
This off-the-path restaurant accepts credit cards! I was pleasantly surprised.
This trip did not sate my craving at all. Well, I know now how to commute going there. I’m just gonna ditch that “1.5km” walk.

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