Monday, November 29, 2010

Pangasinan Budget

We were lucky enough to find a van who charged us relatively cheap. We got it at Php 12,000 for 3D2N. Others charged us Php 15,000 excluding gas for the same itinerary.

Approximate Cost per pax

Van Rental with Gas(Php 12,000/9 pax)


Punta Riviera Rooms (Php 11,500/9)


Meals in Bolinao


Transient House in Lucap (Php 3,000/9)


Contribution for food in Alaminos


Entrance fee of Hundred Islands Park


Lunch on the way home






Some notes:
• Bolinao is faaaaar. Keep yourself entertained with an updated playlist in your mp3 player
• Upon reaching Bolinao, make sure your tank has enough gas to tour your around. Our tank was glaring when we went to Bolinao Lighthouse and we thankfully made it to a gas station before it hit empty.
• Bolinao beach is not swimmable because waters are not deep enough. It would be good to book a resort with a nice swimming pool.
• Bring snacks. In fact, bring food. Once you are in your resort in Bolinao, you have very few choices where to eat. The prices are quite expensive and the taste does not live up to its price.
• Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunblock! Pray for a sunny weather.

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