Thursday, June 19, 2014

All Aboard 2GO: The Ride From Odiongan To Batangas

After a butt-numbing one-hour ride in a motorcycle from Alcantara, I arrived in Odiongan port just before sundown. There are passenger jeepneys from Alcantara to Odiongan but the last trip was at 2 or 3pm. I wanted to kill my time in the wonderful Aglicay Beach Resort so I got a habal-habal reide instead (Php 300). It was still early when I arrived at the port at 6pm, the boat is set to depart at midnight. I asked another habal-habal to bring me to Star Palace for Php 20. This is the recommended place that I found online. I had a hearty dinner which I ate over the span of 3 hours.

A really good oven pizza. Half order.

And some fries. Hey, I had time to kill! Don't judge me. :P

My whole appetite costs Php 350 for the milk tea, pizza and fries. The pizza was really good. Reminds me a lot of Picobello in Davao. PIzza crust was really good! And the price is reasonable too!

I asked the same habal-habal driver to drive me back to the port at 9:30 pm (because the restaurant closes at 10pm). I still had time to kill. I paid Php 15 for the port fee then showed my e-ticket to the attendant.

The lounge has a TV. The events of the past few days were catching up with me, so I tried to take a nap.

Waiting area in Odiongan port

2go boat schedule

Some passengers started to go outside so I just followed them. The boat was accepting passengers already. I didn't really hear the announcement. Maybe I was zoning out.

We were asked to form two lines (male and female) and we lined up our baggage. The dogs started sniffing out our baggage. O ha! Anungsabeh ng X-ray machine!

A hardworking dog inspecting the baggages

I showed my e-ticket to the attendant (is there a specific name for the stewardess of a passenger ship?). I briefly waited in the waiting area before I was escorted to my room (O ha!).

This is my first time to ride a passenger ship. So medyo nag-inarte ako. I got a State Accommodation for Php 1,279.00. My flight to Caticlan was still cheaper. 

 I had the room all to myself! AKIN LANG! Wohoooo! At dahil dyan, I moved to the bottom bunk. Sayang ang energy ko sa pag-akyat. Each bed ha its own personal light, pillow and sheets. There were two (2) electrical sockets that I both used, hahaha.

Cozy view from the top bunk

The aircon was too cold and I didn't find the control of the aircon in the room. I was feeling a bit tired (it was midnight) so I didn't bother to ask how to manage the room temperature. I just used the another blanket from another bed. ^____^

The bathroom was clean.

Capsule hotel?

I blissfully slept for 6 hours. A pretty solid sleep. I woke up past 7:am with a rumbling tummy.

I tried the tuna and egg for breakfast. MEH. The choices were MEH as well. But I wasn't on board for the meals.

Meals in here

A sad plate. No coffee.

We arrived in Batagas port at 8:00am. Buses going to parts of Metro Manila can be found just outside the port.

I rode a bus back to Cubao for Php 175. I enjoyed my first boat ferry ride and I highly recommend this mode of transportation if you have the time. Maybe I'll try 2go for another Philippine destination.

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