Thursday, January 2, 2014

Multiple Entry Visas: South Korea and Japan

2014. I wanna keep up with my blogging. I'll try. New year, maging masipag hanggang kaya!

My 2012 Travelogue belongs to Asia. Two Asian Countries required me to apply for a visa: South Korea and Japan. Click on the links how I got those back then. 

So... I attempted to get multiple entry visas for both SK and Japan, and I succeeded.

Multiple entry visas with a non-flattering shot

Multiple Entry Visa for Korea:

Documents I submitted:
  • Accomplished visa application form with photo. I had to get my photo taken again. So that’s Php 75.00
  • Original passport
  • Copy of the first page of the passport
  • Original and copy of the OECD visas. I had my previous Schengen visa and Korean visa in my previous passport. I did not submit my previous passport anymore because I had other visas (Japan and Schengen) in my current passport.
  • Certificate of Employment. Good thing I applied before I changed jobs so I still had COE.
  • Bank Certificate – Php 100.00 for BPI
  • BIR Form 2316 – as ITR
There’s not a lot of change compared to my SK visa application in 2012. Submission and pick-up schedules still apply.

Cost: Free. I just had to take the cab going to the embassy. 

The result: A Multiple Entry visa valid for 3 years, maximum of 30 days stay per entry. Process took three (3) working days only. I did not ask for a multiple entry visa, but it was given! Korea in Winter! Yahooooo!

Multiple Entry Visa for Japan:

I submitted the following documents
  • Application form with photo
  • Original Passport
  • Itinerary
  • Bank Certificate
  •  ITR (previous year, 2012)
  • Letter of request for multiple-entry visa
I did not submit the COE and Birth certificate anymore because they said that this was my second application already. They also said there was no need to submit my previous passport because the used Japan visa is in my current passport.

This is the letter format I used. You can use this as your template. Just edit as necessary.


Honorable Consul
Embassy of Japan in the Philippines
2627 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
1300 Metro Manila, Philippines

Re                           :               Request for Multiple Entry Tourist Visa Application

I am writing this letter to respectfully request to be granted with a Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry.

I love to travel. I have visited numerous countries for the past 5 years, all for personal leisure. I’ve attached copies of all my previous visas and passport stamps from other countries.

I visited Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto) last ____(date)____ to,  _____(date)_____. I was completely enchanted by Kyoto and I promised myself I would visit the city again. I intend to visit Kyoto again, and explore a part of Osaka in my trip in _____. I also plan to visit during spring season in___(date)___, when I can enjoy the cherry blossoms bloom.

I have a stable and reputable job as a __(position/ title)_____ in __(name of company)___ for the past _(number)_ years. I also believe that I have sufficient income to support my future visits to Japan.  I hope that my previous travel experience would be helpful in your consideration to grant me a multiple entry for the next 3 years. Attached are the supporting documents demonstrating my financial capacity.

I respectfully request to be granted with a Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry.
Thank you for your kind consideration.


Visa Applicant’s Name
Mobile Number/Landline

Pinilit ko pahabaiin yan para mag-kasya sa isang short bond paper kaya yan mahaba. You can pass a laconic version if you find my personal version verbose. Something like: This is to request for a multiple entry-visa. I’ve travelled to x countries previously and I have sufficient funds to fund my vacation. Please see attached documents for your further perusal. *bow*

Cost: Php 2,000 via Friendship tours Dusit Hotel, Makati City.  The single entry visa application costs Php 1,200. 

If you have a used Japan visa, I am not sure if they will give you the multiple visa even if you apply for single entry. I just heard unverified reports that the embassy has been generous in giving multiple-entry visa nowadays. And with Cebupacific now flying to Tokyo and Nagoya, I intend to go back to Japan! :)

The result: ME visa request granted!
I got a phone call after just two working days:
Agent (very perky): Hey! Is this Loraine? This is ____ from Friendship tours!
Me: Yes
Agent (jolly): Wanna hear some good news Loraine?
Me: Okay sure!
Agent: CONGRATULATIONS! Your request for a multiple-entry visa was granted. It's three years! Three years! Allright!
Me: Great! (wala na akong madagdag. I was happy na masaya din sya for me)

The result: A Multiple Entry visa valid for 3 years, maximum of 15 days stay per entry.

For the forever question: how much money did I have in the bank? I have....
Hindi yan 1 million pesoses, not even half of that. Just enough to convince the consul that I have funds. Magaling ako mag-ipon basta may travel destination.

This is based on personal experience and I am not a professional visa consultant. I cannot answer what are your chances of getting a visa. 

Good luck! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your information about applying to multiple entry visa

  2. love your blog about japan as I too love the country and have been there 3 times (latest was two weeks ago)
    I was granted too a multiple entry, but i didn't submit any letter so I was really happy when the embassy was kind enough to give it to me. The agent did say, the embassy sometimes would grant multiple entries if you have the right docs and have been to Japan more than once.

  3. just discovered your nice blog. question: can you post a sample itinerary for japan? thanks a lot.

    1. Hi - I already did! Here:

    2. Hi, itinerary was very helpful. Another question: what did you put in the contact and accommodation column? Just wondering since it is not a requirement to have hotel confirmation, right? thanks again.

    3. Hi - I just wrote the address/contact details of the hostel I intended to book. Yeap, the hotel confirmation is not a requirement.

  4. I am enjoying your blog...ang kulit.. hahaha it's like talking to you in person.. simple, brief yet comprehensive.. and of course with all money matters.. haha! Anonymous but with my name Leo :)

    1. Of course with all the money matters! hahahaha! :D - your ex-seatmate

  5. Wow~ Good Job~
    I just want to know about the bank cert sa bpi, what details po ba mga nakaindicate?
    I'm quite curious lang po, my SA account will be a year old na and last April lang ako nagseryosong mag.ipon for a trip to Japan this fall. (^--^) mejo sablay kase yung in and outs ng money ko last year T__T since first timer, i got that feeling baka di ko maConvince ang consul na kaya iShoulder ang trip ko, 4D/3N lang naman. Also, would 50-60K be enough?

    ayy mejo humaba, but thanks for a reply po.~
    God Bless.

    1. Hello! BPI has a template format of the Bank Cert. It indicated the amount and account number. It did not indicate when the account was opened. I think Php 50-60K will be enough for a 4D3N trip but I cannot answer if that will grant you a visa. For tips, I suggest you read the Japan Visa thread in Pinoyexchange. Good luck and enjoy your vacation!

  6. I see. Thanks much for your response.
    I will start reading na din~ (^-^)

  7. were you required to submit an original copy of COE? Thanks.

  8. you and your blog are blessing. now i am inspired to apply for one. God bless you further. congrats!

  9. Hi,
    Would you know if there are additional requirements or "need-to-dos" in my 2nd or next entries if I already have a multiple entry Korean visa? Or am I good to go? :) I was issued a multiple visa last year and I plan to return this year.

    1. Hello! I think you are good to go! Enjoy your trip!

    2. thank you very much :)

  10. Do you work in the gov't? How do you got multiple entry visa? Thanks

    1. Hi Jasz - nope, corporate work. I just submitted the requirements I mentioned.

  11. I am also an accountant by profession who loves to travel but still building my funds as support. Nice blog! hope to meet you and share stories. :)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. This is a long overdue THANK YOU for the sample letter you have provided! I made my sister use your template to request a single entry visa, yes single entry only since she's a first timer. And hers is a more verbose version of yours since she is a government employee also. I guess there's nothing to lose if we attach it. Here is a a part of the letter:
    I am writing this letter to respectfully request to be granted a Tourist Visa.

    I love to travel. I have visited numerous places in the Philippines but not outside of the country. I wanted to be Japan as my first country to visit even though there is a stigma of not getting a visa because of my profession as a teacher. But I will still try the best of luck.

    I intend to visit the Universal Studios Japan since I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I also plan to visit during spring season in March xx to April xx so I can enjoy the cherry blossoms bloom. I intend to visit the temples in Osaka and Kyoto and taste all the Japanese food I have researched. I intend to visit Tokyo to see Hachiko statue and scourge for my own Ryouma Echizen’s Seigaku jacket since I am a huge fan of the manga series. I also wanted to visit Studio Ghibli in Mitaka since I am in awe of Hayao Miyazaki’s movies.

    And here she explain her profession etc.
    Voila! A single entry visa was granted to her and we enjoyed our vacation. Now, I will try for the multiple entry visa and will use the same but slightly different version of your letter.
    Thank you for this and nice blog! Keep on sharing. I will keep on reading your Europe entries. : )

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Glad that this helped your sister. Nice that she mentioned specific places! Hachiko statue is not that grandiose but it holds a significance for me - I like the movie.
      I do have a backlog on my Europe trip this year. Hope to get on that soon!
      Also, I like your username. ;)

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