Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Around Anciet-ish Asakusa

I decided to stay in Asakusa after reading various reports in the ever reliable Tripadvisor. I exhausted my brain cells trying to figure out what area to stay in Tokyo. I concluded that the complicated subway map is proof enough that I get to any part of Tokyo as long as I stay near a station. Asakusa was the choice. It offers cheaper dorm rooms compared to those located near and around Tokyo.

The streets give off the Old-ish Tokyo Vibe. There are old buildings or trying-hard to be old buildings.

The tall tower is the Tokyo Skytree

Asakusa is the home of Sensō-ji Temple. Hence the crowd. For the four days that I was here, the crowds always looked like this. Better visit this early in the morning (7 to 8-ish AM).
Kaminarimon (Kaminari Gate)

Sensoji Temple. The crowd begins to disperse here. Most stay at the souvenir shops and food areas.

The garden beside the temple. It was quite early when I explored this. Not a lot of tourists and passers-by. So I had my camera in timer mode + tripod placed in stable locations. Click and go.

Lots of souvenir shops here. Wala nga lang bangketa-type bagsak sa presyo na souvenir. I find the souvenirs quite pricey. Kuripot din naman kasi ako.

Quality kimonos in this shop.

Lots of street vendors too. The street food alone can take up most of your time in Asakusa. Careful here now, this could easily eat up your travel budget. It is so much fun to look around.

How much is a katana in Japan? Even more expensive than my Indochina trip. Katanas for sale here.

Katanas. Feed the slasher in you. Harhar.
Asakusa has a multitude of restaurants and stores. I enjoyed exploring the goods in the grocery store and convenience store.

Pricey bananas, anyone?

I explored Asakusa again during my last night in Tokyo, with a fellow traveller I met from my Palaui adventure. Pics here are from his camera since I was already camera-less since Nara (another story).

Asakusa can be easily explored by foot. But if you don't like walking, you can hire a rickshaw to show you around. I saw some of the tourists prettily going around that. I am just not sure if they offer English tours since most of the passengers are also Japanese.



    Oh no, I'm pretty sure mabibiktima ako ng street food...street. Haha! Were these right outside the temple? Mas mahal ba than normal street food in the city?

    Yes, these were right outside the temple. Easy to find. I don't think it is more expensive than normal streetfood. (Although I think expensive is normal).


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