Monday, October 25, 2010

Culture and Corregidor: Night Tour

The night tour begins with a sunset viewing at 5:30 pm. Our guide was so enthusiastic that he taught us how to pose creatively for sunset shots. Unfortunately, none of my shots were good enough to share. Nyahaha.

Lovely sunset. Lovely colors.

We then proceeded to the hospital ruins. Our guide told us a story that the site was a training ground for soldiers during the Marcos Regime. What were these soldiers training for? Conquering and claiming Sabah. The soldiers were recruited from Mindanao and were brought to train in Corregidor.

However, when the soldiers learned that they will be fighting with their own Muslim brothers in Sabah, they opposed the mission. To keep things mum, they were killed in the island – near the hospital. Two soldiers escaped. One died. The other one lived to tell this tale. Can’t remember the soldier’s name so I couldn’t Google him.

It was dark. We proceeded to the night tour of Malinta tunnel. *insert horror movie theme song* We were provided with flashlights and helmets for the tour.

I did not see nor feel any ghosts. I don’t have the third eye. It was a very very informative tour. Lots of trivia bits you won’t find in history books. I would’ve appreciated history – WWII in particular – if I had a fieldtrip to Corregidor back in those days. Also, our guide was very engaging during the tour. I forgot his name. More so, I forgot to give him a tip. :(

Map of Malinta Tunnel:

We proceeded our way back to the inn with new musings about our history. Ordered dinner around 8:00pm. Food was so-so but I gobbled it up because I was soooo famished. There was actually not much to do at night. You can sing your hearts out at a videoke stand few minutes away from the inn. Else, you can just play cards. I tried browsing via Globe to no avail.

Sunrise tour began at 5:30 am. The optional trek was in a Japanese tunnel nearby. Corregidor is just full of tunnels. Not too hard of a trek, not too spectacular, but interesting.

Meeting Corregidor's sunrise:

Since we still had time before the ferry leaves, we opted to explore the beach. The waters were not inviting though. Random stuff from the ocean ends up on the shore - cluttering the place.

Also did ziplining. Php 150/zip.

Did not swim in the pool either. The water was not inviting enough. And we were feeling pretty lazy to do some swimming. The extreme heat was just enticing us to hang out in our air-conditioned room. Finally, we said our goodbyes around lunch time. And then came in loads of tourists. Whew, good thing we were a day ahead!

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